Claire Rogers

Instructor & Coach

Claire Rogers is a keynote speaker and coach who works with individuals who are stuck in their comfort zone and struggling to live their dream life. She helps people to re-discover their passions and develop healthy habits and empowering beliefs to move out of their comfort zone to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. Through her powerful coaching she aids her clients into realizing key insights, which in turn empowers them to initiate and implement meaningful change to bring their dreams and aspirations to fruition. Prior to founding iTopia, for 20 years Claire held senior global operational and account management roles within the Financial Services and Travel Industry, where she developed an expertise in building diverse, high performing sales teams across multiple regions.
Claire Rogers
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Have you ever felt lost & stuck in a rut?

You are not alone. I've been there.

iTopia Signature coaching program:

Getting out of the rut by getting unstuck


  • What are the guarantees of the iTopia Signature Coaching Program: Getting out of the rut by getting unstuck?

    As stipulated by law, iTopia Coaching & Consulting Ltd do not make any guarantees about your ability to complete or get results with the iTopia Signature Coaching Program: Getting out of the rut by getting unstuck. The results are depended on you and the continuous effort you put in during and upon completion of the program. What iTopia Coaching & Consulting Ltd can guarantee is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If upon completion of Module 1 of the iTopia Signature Coaching Program: Getting out of the rut by getting unstuck, you don’t feel this program is for you or if you are unhappy or unsure for any reason whatsoever, simply email Claire Rogers requesting a refund and you will receive a 100% refund for the program. You will not be able to request a refund once you begin module 2 and onwards.

  • What is the distribution policy for the iTopia programs?

    All iTopia programs may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any training, workshops or any other public forum without the written permission from the author. You may store the PDF exercises on your personal computer and backups. You may print the programs for your own personal use only.

  • What if I need help with the programs?

    The lessons, exercises and self-assessment questions in the programs should be self-explanatory however, should you have a question please contact me on and I will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

Social proof: testimonials

Laurence Anderson

5 star program

Laurence Anderson

Fate was at its kindest when I was introduced to Claire. The iTopia Life Coaching Program is a breath of fresh air in comparison to many others I've explored, and quite simply changed my life! Inspirational, motivating, easy to follow professional guidance; life coaching at its very best and delivered by someone who has herself experienced and truly understands the trials and tribulations the many millions of us out there blindly trudge through every day. I couldn't recommend it more to anyone seeking a fresh start and a reality check that so many of us need in today’s day and age...Thank you Claire for my new lease of life :-)
Emanuele D.

Highly recommended: effective and engaging coaching.

Emanuele D.

Claire’s coaching is very effective and it simply works very well. It combines an incredibly round approach to coaching with regard to both work and personal life. Her style is pragmatic, extremely well thought through and tailored to the actual needs of the client. She puts 100% of her incredible skills, experience and ability to work together with the client who is at the core of her work. Integrity, strong focus on the actual needs are unique strengths of Claire, who is able to provide effective tools to manage work & life challenges. In other words an effective a no-nonsense program that helps tackle permanently relevant issues. Amongst the coaching programs I had the chance to attend, this ranks right at the top. Highly recommend if one looks for a pleasant, engaging and result driven experience to better navigate a busy and “event crowded” life.