Welcome to the iTopia Signature Coaching Program:


Now you may be asking yourself, how does this program differ from other personal development courses?

This program differs from other personal development programs because it has been specially designed and created based on the tools, exercises and lessons that I undertook to transform my own life.


A few years ago, I was a stressed-out, high performing Leader in the corporate world where I had spent years building a career I didn’t love by working extensive long hours and neglecting my self-care and passions all in the name of getting ahead. I was a perfectionist that enjoyed rewards and recognition (code for seeking validation), and I was a chronic

worrier – always worrying about things that were beyond my control. After several years of living in a perpetual state of auto-pilot mode and failing to question the life I was living, my physical and mental health ultimately protested against my neglect, and I became besieged with burnout, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. 


The panic attacks and depression I suffered from forced to me recognise that the existence that I had been living was not conducive to a fulfilling and healthy life. It was with that realisation that I became committed to transforming my health and wellbeing as well as to discovering my purpose. During that period of transformation, I conducted a great deal of soul searching and called myself out on my BS – the beliefs, behaviours and excuses that I had adopted which had kept me limited, and, gradually with much introspection and time I was able to build a rewarding, fulfilling, healthy life. 


This program is unique because it is based on my personal experience, and therefore I know it works if you put the time and effort into completing the program. So, if you are stuck, in a rut, feeling lost and want a complete positive U-turn in your life, sign up for this program.

To hear more of my story, you can watch it here:

What you'll learn

​The iTopia Signature Coaching Program is a 12-week self-directed personal development program founded on the idea that life satisfaction, happiness and living a dream life comes from pushing past limiting beliefs, the status quo and your comfort zone, through developing an empowering mindset and healthy habits. This program will facilitate you with tangible tools that will enable you to challenge your belief system so that you can build a rewarding, fulfilling life. The exercises provided will guide you through actionable material on overcoming limiting beliefs, fear, lost confidence through to taking responsibility, committing to change and then onto developing healthy habits and empowering beliefs. The iTopia Signature Coaching program will help you to:

  • Understand where you are now and what isn’t working for you

  • Understand where you want to be

  • Unlock limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back

  • Discover self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Develop empowering beliefs

  • Develop healthy habits

  • Develop, set & implement goals to build your dream life

What's included:

  • Program planner

  • 8 modules which include: lessons, exercises and questionnaires

  • Module introductory videos

  • Module wrap up voice recordings

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1: Understanding your baseline

  • 3

    Module 2: Taking Responsibility & Committing to change

    • Module 2 Overview

    • Step 1: Understanding the need to take responsibility

    • Taking Responsibility exercise

    • Taking Responsibility Continued

    • Step 2: Committing to change and doing the work

    • Commitment Review questions

    • Module 2 Wrap up

  • 4

    Module 3: Uncovering your vision for the future

    • Module 3 Overview

    • Step 1: Understanding your core values

    • Step 2: Understanding your vision for the future

    • Understanding your vision for the future exercise

    • Understanding your vision for the future continued

    • BHAG exercise

    • BHAG Examples

    • Module 3 Wrap up

  • 5

    Module 4: Developing an empowering mind-set

    • Module 4 Overview

    • Step 1: Part 1: Overcoming fear

    • Step 1: Part 2: Overcoming fear of losing control

    • Step 1: Part 3: Overcoming fear of failure

    • Fear of Failure exercise

    • Step 1: Part 4: Overcoming fear of change and moving out of your comfort zone

    • Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone exercise:

    • Step 2: Stopping self-sabotaging behaviors

    • Self-sabotaging re-frame exercise

    • Step 3: Removing limiting beliefs

    • Limiting beliefs exercise

    • Step 4: Building self-confidence

    • Attributes & Achievements exercise

    • Weakness re-frame exercise

    • Building confidence continued:

    • Building self confidence questions:

    • Step 5: Becoming inspired

    • Becoming inspired questions

    • Step 6: The importance of gratitude & compassion

    • Gratitude journal exercise

    • Module 4 Wrap up

  • 6

    Module 5: Establishing boundaries

    • Module 5 Overview

    • Step 1: Rethinking priorities

    • Priorities exercise

    • Priorities questions

    • Rethinking priorities continued:

    • Step 2: Define & commit to your boundaries

    • Hell Ya, Hell No exercise

    • Boundaries communication plan exercise

    • Module 5 wrap up

  • 7

    Module 6: Developing healthy habits

    • Module 6 Overview

    • Step 1: How to develop healthy habits

    • Habits exercise

    • How to develop healthy habits continued:

    • Step 2: Part 1: Taking care of your health & wellbeing

    • Food diary questions

    • Step 2: Part 2: Taking care of your health & wellbeing

    • Exercise questions

    • Step 2: Part 3: Taking care of your health & wellbeing

    • Sleep questionnaire

    • Step 2: Part 4: Taking care of your health & wellbeing

    • Mindfulness questions

    • Module 6 Wrap Up

  • 8

    Module 7: Goal Setting

    • Module 7 Overview

    • Step 1: How to set goals

    • Goal setting exercise

    • Goal setting strategies

    • iTopia goal setting

    • Step 2: Monitoring progress & celebrating success

    • Quarterly review exercise

    • Celebrating your successes exercise

    • Module 7 Wrap up

  • 9

    Module 8: Putting it all together to build your dream life

    • Module 8 Overview

    • Step 1: Re-cap of the program & trying it all together

    • Program wrap up exercise

    • Program wrap up

  • 10


    • Extra program files

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